Wholesale, Distribution & Manufacturing

Wholesale, distribution and manufacturing businesses are intensely competitive, market driven and inseparable from the industries they serve. To survive in today’s volatile economy, management must stay in touch with every aspect of the business. Wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers are frequently faced with business decisions that have far reaching implications. These decisions are difficult because they must anticipate and analyze the indirect impact on customers and suppliers.

The Whitsell Group has been serving small to large sized wholesale, distribution and manufacturing companies for over two decades. Our specialized knowledge is crucial to our clients meeting their objectives. We will help you face the risks and challenges that come with running a wholesale, distribution or manufacturing business. The Whitsell Group has the expertise in business and financial management that boosts our client’s long-term profitability. Our clients benefit from our knowledge and expertise.

Our Wholesale, Distribution and Manufacturing Services Include:

Accounting & Auditing Services:

  • Audited Financial Statement Preparation
  • Reviewed Financial Statement Preparation
  • Compiled Financial Statement Preparation
  • Personal Financial Statements
  • Retirement Plans
  • Peer Reviewed for Wholesale/Distribution

    Tax Planning & Preparation Services:

  • Wholesale/ Distribution Tax Specialists
  • Closely Held Company and Owner Tax Minimization Planning
  • Tax Planning and Impact Assessment for Proposed Transactions
  • Tax Strategies Associated with Mergers, Sales, and Acquisitions
  • Risk and Liability Management Planning
  • Internal Revenue Service Audit Assistance
  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Multi-State Tax Evaluation and Planning
  • Federal and State Compliance and Return Preparation

    Consulting Services:

  • Cash Flow and Working Capital Improvement Planning
  • Return on Investment Analysis
  • Marginal Points of Return Analysis
  • Financial Reporting, Designing and Implementation
  • Cash and Capital Requirements Analysis
  • Operations Reporting, Designing and Implementation
  • Planning Compensation, Incentive and Fringe Benefits
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Plan Development
  • Budget and Forecasting
  • Loan Negotiations
  • Staff Recruitment
  • Executive Training
  • Assisting in Staging Company to Go Public
  • Purchase Negotiation of Small to Large Companies
  • Negotiation of the Sale of Companies
  • Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Turnaround Planning of Small to Large Companies
  • Litigation Support
  • Lost Profits Calculations